SPECTACLES Album Release


After 10 years together, we've learned to feel confident in each other's creativity in every part of each song. Our albums are a positive compromise of diverse rock music spanning a wide range of the genre. We are family. Families may fight, but we've grown and aged with each other, and know when to give encouragement and space. We try to be constructively critical while having fun with each other's imagination.

AXIS Five is a soup... and it has taken every bit of 10 years to create the correct balance of ingredients where we can all contribute to every note. We do this because we love it, and want it. Creating songs together is a feeling that cannot be bought. Hearing from someone who loves one of our songs is beyond thrilling. We serve great soup!

We are always looking for the next big thing as we build our legacy as accomplished musicians with a discography of songs that will last forever. We hope you enjoy the songs off our new album, SPECTACLES... an album created OUR way during the Covid Pandemic. Watch AXIS Five Music Videos >>

Mixed By: LG Stillwell & David Stanfill
Mastered By: Chris Graham and LG Stillwell

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Songs & Meanings:

My Volcano:
When we wrote this song, Hawaii was on fire with its blooming volcanic eruptions making news every day. Shit was building up and spewing all over the place without control. It is a song about self-esteem and attracting the opposite (or same) sex. A danceable song with a quite vulgar and up front meaning.

If Only I Knew How:
Sad she's gone, but I cannot figure out how to feel better. This song is about wanting the heartbreak to end when a relationship has ended for some reason or another (death, breakup etc.). But; as we all know, it often takes months or years for the pain to subside to a semi-tolerable level. A Zeppelin-inspired tune with hammer on/off guitars and lofty vocals.

Long Train Running:
Originally by the Doobie Brothers, who we love! We grew up with this song and hope we did not destroy it with our take. It fits the climate of the times - the sense of tension in our society. Hey - we play the song at every gig. It never gets old!

The Hero:
You used to be the center of attention and admiration. Now you are on the sidelines of the relationship, waiting to be favored again. You hold on, but they are already gone. One of our personal favorites we've ever produced - including the Beatles-influenced outtro.

A Slash-influenced song of blues flowing in to hard rock. The song moves on a progressive up and down - our take on a soaring flight with our music. Ever feel like you are walking up an escalator backwards? Welcome to Rock Music!

Move Myself Along:
Another break-up song, but this one is about setting yourself free. Things have gone south... not a painful, but realistic departure to the next adventure. An airy and country-influenced southern jam. I am out, and I am good with it.

Box Wine:
If you are a snob, Box Wine may not be your preferred alcoholic drink. This tongue-in-cheek- song is about kicking back and letting all of the bullshit go. This is "my time" mode. A satirical joke that takes you away from todays stresses and worries. Hey, you don't need much more than a box wine bag for a pillow and a box to keep you warm!

See My Soul:
When you reflect on a dear loved one who has passed away, you question the depth of your own existence. Generation to generation, everyone thinks of the people we miss, and have the hope that they can still be near us even though they are gone. We want to believe there is always somthing more than we can see, feel or hear. This song pulls a string of hope in the time of loss.

The Wait:
This song was originally called Jack & Jill - about a guy (Jackson Heart) opening the door at the possibilities of finding his match (Jill). A patience kind of song. A feeling of longing for that match of destiny to share adventures with.

Long Gone:
A "diddy". A funny kick-back song - hopefully played for your friends at the next campfire. A funny take, thinking everything is all in control and good at home when you are out and about - away from your loved one... and the hard-to-swallow choke at the end. A John Bonham stomp beat. Payback is a bitch sometimes.