After 10 years together, we've learned to feel confident in each other's creativity in every part of each song. Our albums are a positive compromise of diverse rock music spanning a wide range of the genre. We are family. Families may fight, but we've grown and aged with each other, and know when to give encouragement and space. We try to be constructively critical while having fun with each other's imagination.

AXIS Five is a soup... and it has taken 10 years to create the correct balance of ingredients where we can all contribute ot every note. We do this because we love it, and want it. Creating songs together is a feeling that cannot be bought. Hearing from someone who loves one of our songs is beyond thrilling. We serve great soup!

We are always looking for the next big thing as we build our legacy as accomplished musicians with a discography of songs that will last forever. We hope you enjoy the songs:

AXIS Five has just released thier fourth new album, "SPECTACLES" on December 4th, 2020.

AXIS Five has released their third album, "EARTHLINGS"! The response to these songs has blown us away!! We sincerely appreciate all feedback coming in from all over the world!

The bands second CD, "The Other Side", is available. Recorded and Mixed by Jhon Ackerman of the Recording Zone. Watch for new masters coming out from this album.

What The Reviews Say:

"The singer has a very agressive, original, and strong vocal arrangement. Very nicely done. Instrumentally, the accompaiment compliments the song superiorly. Lyrically, the songs have some gritty and punchy phrases. I love them they are very original. The songs are very individual and sound great!"

"The vocals are so powerful and strong. I love the guitar solos. It makes me feel like im at a concert at night. Lyrics are original and thought provoking. These artists are very creative!"

"The lead singer has a great voice for rock. His delivery is pure adrenaline."

"Sounds bad-a**. Catchy songs I would definitely love to hear on the radio."

"This artist sounds a lot like the band Soundgarden. The deeper metallic guitar gives this song a very catchy tone. This band plays as though they've been doing it for 25 years. The guitar solos are pretty amazing. They had me hooked since the very beginning."

"This rock is sick. The music is well put together. This man can sing! On top of this - very talented people in the background playing music. I really do love AXIS Five."

"Seems like old rock and its very pleasing to the ears. Love the songs - I honestly would listen to this often whenever i'm about to hop on a video game or play a sport and just get pumped."

"That's what I like!! Strong vocals, the guitarists are doing a great job as well. My head started swaying straight away. I never want this to end! Replay! And one more time!"

"The instrumentals give it a classic rock sound, but the vocals make it absolutely awesome. I can picture a smoky bar room or strip club in the 90's playing these songs. The guitarist sounds like a true talent. The solos are amazing and is enhanced by drum beats that are equally talented. Sounds like an instant classic!"

"The songs sound very unique and spiritual. I enjoy the voice the lead singer has - so strong and athustastic. The words he sing makes sense and it doesn't sound like non sense. Is this Pearl Jam's younger brother?"

“The electric guitars are awesome! DRUMS ARE SUPERIOR! The male vocalist has a great rock music voice and he has given justice to these songs extremely well. He has given music potential, and shows a lot of attitude in order to produce this great piece of work. The songs are pretty amazing and makes me want to bang my head. The guitar leads just blew my mind. You guys are awesome performers too. I have become your greatest fan. Keep up the great work and produce more great musics like this. I give these songs a full 10 on 10”

“ I like how the albums create this strong, powerful atmosphere. You just feel like you want to sing along immediately. Vocals are forceful and firm making this a very energetic musical masterpiece. Nice electric guitars! These vocals are extremely nice! This sounds like a strong mid 90's song which I love. Vocals are very nice with the gritty throttled voice and added harmonies. Definite Alice in Chains influence here but it does have a more straight forward set up. I would check out these songs and go to evey concert I could!"

“The albums always receive a head bobbing audience!”

“The electric guitars are the hitter for this record, and the drums create this amazing melody that is a mix between funk and rock. The singer is a dude and his voice is incredible and the musicianship is top shop.”

“Really cool guitar riffs! The male vocalist has a very strong rock voice, and I found the albums thoroughly enjoyable throughout. This was surprising as I normally wouldn't listen to this genre of music.”

“Great stuff! LOVE the rock voice. Band is tight and driving percussion got my toes tapping. The whole outfit seems to work well together. Competent riffs and lead solos blend well into the songs. Where do you guys play next?!"

“The drum beats are played extremely well, and almost seems complex but also simple at the time. The vocals are really cool, and the voice is crackly and filled with power. The backing vocals emphasize the main vocals by adding a few shouts here and there send shivers of extacy down my spine!”

“The lead vocals slightly grizzled delivery of the lyrics is good for this rock genre, the backing vocals capture this style perfectly. A good album for the rock genre.”

"3 great albums I will play again and again! I love the sounds of the guitars and singer. Really hard and grunge is one of my favorites. I like the how powerful the lyrical words, and the texture of the singers vocals. I am into how well all the elements of this song mix together well. I think it would be great to hear while in concert or while working.”

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