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AXIS Five is a band hailing from Roanoke, Virginia signed with Mi5 /Universal Music Group presenting the very best in original rock selections with a live high-energy show you’ll really get into. Each of the musically accomplished members of AXIS Five comes packed with decades of live performance experience, and thrives on getting the crowd up to a state of heart-pounding bliss.


The band name, "AXIS Five" comes from two notions. The first is ties to a machine called the "Five-Axis" which turns and cuts materials on a 5-plane axis. Take a look at a video of the machine here. The second tie is to a Psychological test (the AXIS V) that measures psychological, social and occupational functioning. Read more about this test here.
The original music is immersed in current political, social and heart-felt subjects, and has a very distinct guitar-vocal-drum driven vibe. Rhyming lyrics that make perfect light of the rock-driven platform behind lead singer, songwriter, David Stanfill.
The bands second CD, "The Other Side", is now available. Recorded by Jhon Ackerman of the Recording Zone, and mastered by Ted Mason, President of Mi5 - Universal Music Group, the band is currently performing the new album live at their many concerts. The response to these new rock songs has been huge! Click here to purchase the album.
Their first CD, Memory Maker, is available for purchase.  
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There are over 100 world-wide digital media outlets serving up AXIS Five music goodness - so look for AXIS Five where you shop and listen to music!

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Meet the Band

David Stanfill
I've been blessed to have been singing in bands such as Maximum Exposure and 90 Weight for over 20 years in all kinds of crazy places in the Eastern U.S. It's all about the fun for me when I scream in front of the crowd. My wife and daughter give me full throttle support in my musical endeavors... they are the biggest and brightest lights in my life. I want them to have the ride of their lives as we travel around the world together to new places and experience new people and their culture.

Young years of piano lessons and composition along with an overdose of trumpet and theory back in middle and high school taught me to breath and honed my ears with near perfect pitch. My Mother used to ask me what I wanted to be when I was young. There was only one answer... "A ROCK STAR!" I spent my childhood and teenage years locked away for hours writing rock songs and balads with my synthesizers. There is so much more to come from AXIS Five, and I could not be prouder of us. Just wait - you'll see!

I've been writing lyrics for songs for well over 30 years now. I never would have guessed that all that time emmersing myself in music would lead me right here with these talented guys, writing together and performing our original music in front of an ever-growing crowd! A BIG thank you to the whole team at Univeral Music Group. And, of course, THANK YOU to all current and future fans of AXIS Five - if not for you, this wild ride would not be happening!!

John Hrysenko
I have been playing drums since I was 14 years old, and played in several bands over the years. Growing up near Baltimore, Md I had the opportunity to play with some amazing musicians and some awesome venues. I have had the honor to share the stage with National recording artist such as Kix, LA Guns, Joe Lynn Turner and Southgang.
After taking a break for awhile it was my wife that encouraged me to start playing again,and with her and my kids support have helped make this possible. Thank You for putting up with the"Noise in the Basement". I look forward to playing some great music and entertaining you all, and I can't think of any other guys I would rather be doing that with than the boys of AXIS FIVE!!

Some of my influences include John Bonham, Alex Van Halen, Matt Sorum, Stephan Perkins. I play Gretsch Drums, zildijan cymbals, and Remo ambassador heads.


Bill East
I love rock and roll music from the beginnings of it as blues became electrified to all the way to metal. My first concert was Kiss in 1977 in Roanoke. I was blown away. Marshalls and Gibsons cranked up and lots of theatrics. Roanoke was a real slow rock scene and luckily I got away to northeast Ohio and got exposed to all the good stuff in the late 70s and early 80s when rock was booming. Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nugent, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zappa, Rush, Cars, Aerosmith, BOC, ZZ Top, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, and many more were there in concert... went in the military and got exposed to even more cool music. Heard GNR there.
Then comes the 90s with all the kick ass bands.. Love me some Tool, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, AIC, Sublime, Metallica. etc... I am learning to play that stuff on bass and realizing what it is to be on the stage instead of looking at it.
It is a lot of work when you have a "real" job and you gotta love it. Seeing people have a good time is great! I have a lot of awesome musician friends and that is one of the big payoffs. Rock has always been about cool people... I hope to be one someday...

I play a Spector 5 NS5 Euro bass, use Sansamp and Boss effects and a Frankenstein amp.


LG Stillwell
Many moons ago (three months) I picked up a guitar and never looked back. The sounds of Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page taught me to feel, to create and the sounds of Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson inspired me to search. 
Growing up in NY, I began my musical pursuits around age 11. After 4 years of woodshedding I found my first band-a jazz/blues project. This became a great outlet for discovery and creation. During my service tenure a point was made to always have a guitar by my side.

Upon moving to VA, I immediately tested the waters of the scene joining a band called The Bounty Hunter. I craved more than classic rock and country so I sought elsewhere and decided to move on. Grunge was beginning to hit.
In 1993 Load began it's journey with a two night set opening for local hero's The Mosaics. The band went on to bigger things including a CD and several great opportunities. At the end of 96, the steam had run out. Since then I've been involved in many musical projects and earned an Audio Engineering degree from The SAE Nashville. Finally I've landed with Axis and a great bunch of guys eager to not only bring well known music, but to create a voice and a style that we can call our own.
Gear: Marshall JVM amplification/Gibson, Washburn and Warwick guitars/ Eventide, MXR and Hardwire effects/Project Studio/Live Sound Engineer
Thanks to God, my Family and my Friends for standing beside me and guiding me.  

Jason McClelland
Music started at an early age for me....Drums at about 5 then my true talent came to light on my 10th birthday....Guitar. I started then and have not put it down since. I did the typical garage band thing through my teens and progressed to the bar scene. What great fun...the 80's, lots of hair and metal...Everyone wants to be a rock-star.

In my 30's I moved to Virginia, and started the one man acoustic gigs and fell in love with the vibe of that show but longed for the driving beat of a full band. After playing with several bands, I found the perfect group of guys and help form AXIS Five.

I use Gibson, Dean, Ibanez, ESP, Epiphone, TC Electronic, Bugera, Bogner, Black Star, Line 6, Shure and proud to endorse PHAT Guitars for my gear. I get my tone from a tube driven half stack. Love the tubes.

I would like to thank God for my talent, my family for the time and the members of Axis five for the chance to do what I love......ROCK. Now are you ready for Axis Five? 

Axis Five: Memory Maker
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